NECPA Award Winner Spotlight – Corinna Kraemer

Graduate Student of the Year Award Winner – Corinna Kraemer

What do you love most about working at Goodwin University, or higher education in general?

I love working at Goodwin because it is an innovative and exciting place to be. Goodwin students are highly career driven and have the opportunity for so many hands-on experiences such as clinicals, internships, and more. As an Academic Advisor I love helping these students meet their goals and to pursue their passions in and out of the classroom.

Who inspired you to get involved in higher education?

For the longest time I was not sure whether I wanted to work in secondary or higher education. When I stepped foot in Dr. Patrick Love’s classroom and he described with so much passion about his career in higher ed. I knew I was hooked – that this field would allow me to make a difference in the lives of so many students.

What advice would you offer to new professionals who are starting their first professional position?

To new professionals – don’t be afraid to try anything that interests you. Saying yes to committees, volunteer opportunities, and networking can help you build a strong foundation for a great career.

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