ACPA 2020 Professional Spotlight – Matthew Gregory

Presentation Topic: So, You want to be a Senior SA Pro?

By Matthew Gregory

There are three reasons behind choosing this topic:

  1. As the Vice Chair for Membership for the Commission for Administrative Leadership – the goal is to continually encourage those who are beginning in the field or growing in the field to be comfortable about what the future will be for Student Affairs Leadership.
  1. The session hopes to meet with those who are working towards being senior staff members and finding out where they are in their journey and what sorts of goals they have and questions they have as they move up into these roles.
  1. The session will review a recent Senior Roundtable where questions and feedback was solicited from multiple senior SA pro’s and hopefully provide some suggestions on what to be prepared for and learn from those who have been in their senior roles for either a short or lengthy period of time.

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