Attending ACPA 2020 and looking for sessions to attend?

If you are planning to attend ACPA 2020 this March occurring from the 2nd to 5th there will be a variety of presenters within the New England region that will be there. We encourage you to attend these sessions if the topics are of interest to you. Here is a list of presenters, their institutions, session numbers, and session topics. Gavin Henning who is a Past President of both ACPA and CAS will be presenting three sessions: (PRE-CONVENTION) Promoting Equity and Inclusion Through Socially Just Assessment, Implementing Socially Just Assessment: Methods for Practice, (PRE-CONVENTION) Conducting Program Review Using the CAS Standards. Matthew Gregory who is the NECPA Operations Coordinator will also be presenting a session: So you want to be a Senior SA Pro? You can learn more about the ACPA20 convention going to:

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