Grad Spotlight – Cameron Hoyt

Name: Cameron Hoyt
Institution: The University of Rhode Island
Program: Human Development and Family Studies, Concentration in College Student Personnel

Where are you working right now?
Housing and Residential Life as a Graduate Hall Director at URI and Intern for the Office of Student Activities at Salve Regina University.

What do you love about working there?
I love the student interactions I get to have. I truly look forward to when students move in during September!

When you aren’t working, how do you spend your free time?
I enjoy hanging out with my friends and watching music videos on youtube.

What is your favorite grad school class and why?
My favorite grad school class was the Diversity and Inclusion class we took our first semester! Our professor was able to teach us so much valuable information and allowed you to open up. Remember everyone is coming into grad school at different points in the journey but yours is unique.

Who inspired you to get involved in Higher Education?
My involvement with Orientation during undergrad! I truly loved being an Orientation Leader and want to pass that passion onto other students.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your career (so far)?
It is okay to ask questions! At some point, everyone is new at something so if you are questing anything just ask, someone else might have the same question.

What is on your Higher Ed bucket list?
My first goal is to finish grad school! After that my bucket list is one day be a Director of an Orientation Program.

What advice would you offer to undergraduate seniors who are starting to search for grad programs?
Do not be afraid to spread out of your comfort zone! Grad school is only two short years and they go by so fast!

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