NECPA Award Winner Spotlight- Sarah Santiago

Service to NECPA Award Winner- Sarah Santiago

What do you love most about working at Framingham State University?

I’ve only been at FSU for a couple months, but I love working with my team, especially my students. We have a small student team who do most of the campus space reservations, event support, event set-ups, and event tech. We put our full trust in them, and they work so hard to make each and every campus event a success!

Who inspired you to get involved in Higher Education?

My RD Shannon Jordan was one of the first people in my life to take what other people saw as flaws and show me how they can be my strengths and where those traits come from. She had a major impact on how I show up in this world and this work, and I will be forever grateful.

What advice would you offer to new professionals who are starting their first professional position?

Get involved- just like we encourage our students to do! My involvement in ACPA-College Student Educators International, the Massachusetts College Personnel Association, and the New England College Personnel Association has opened doors to opportunities, development, and relationships that I would not have had if I had just focused on my work at my home campus. Some of my favorite experiences and people have come into my life through my involvement, and volunteering is a great way to give back!

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