New England at ACPA17: Accepted Program by Staci Weber

Preferred Name:  Staci Weber

Employer or Grad School/ Position or Year of Graduation:  Dean of Student Affairs, Pine Manor College & Doctoral Candidate at Syracuse University, anticipated graduation May 2017

Title of your Program:  How First Generation Students Make Meaning of College Access programs

Description: Through qualitative methodology, this research built upon Cultural Wealth (Yosso, 2005, 2006) and Critical Theory (Kincheloe & McLaren, 2002) to understand how 47 first generation college students used non-profit and government funded college access programs to prepare for and gain access to college.  Through the students’ stories, the findings expanded Cultural Wealth to include first generation college students, demonstrated “college uplift,” and explored new ways first generation college students challenged current college choice models.

What you look forward to most for ACPA 17:  I look forward to connecting with colleagues and learning best practices.

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