Welcome your 2018 NECPA Executive Board!

Please congratulate your 2018 NECPA Executive Board! These amazing professionals have been elected by you and appointed by our current board members to serve and represent YOU next year. Please, as always, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think, what you need, and what you want from YOUR New England CPA Executive Board!

  • Jessi Robinson – President-Elect
  • Benjamin Lamb – Past President
  • Sarah Santiago – President
  • Matthew Denham – Operations Coordinator
  • Martha Mazeika – Communications Coordinator
  • Cherry Lim – Equity and Inclusion Coordinator
  • Brent Ploughe – Professional Development Coordinator
  • Morgan Rayner – Graduate Student Liaison
  • Michael Prinkey – Special Presidential Appointment
  • Ian Fournier – Vermont State Coordinator
  • Jessica Smith – Massachusetts State Coordinator
  • Nina Giannotti – New Hampshire State Coordinator
  • Michael Donohue – Rhode Island State Coordinator
  • Kelly Levine – Maine State Coordinator
  • Alycia Johnston – Connecticut State Coordinator

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