Graduate Student Spotlight – Morgan Rayner

Meet Morgan Rayner!



Where are you working right now?

I am currently working at Becker College in the Office of Residence Life and Student Conduct as an Area Coordinator.

What do you love about working there?

I truly enjoy the small campus feel and the collaboration that occurs campus wide. Becker College is a place that embraces each member of its community and provides them with the tools they need to succeed. I am proud to be a Hawk.


When you aren’t working, how do you spend your free time?

I enjoy spending my time outdoors whether that be skiing the mountains of Vermont or retreating to Rhode Island’s beautiful coast. I spend a lot of my free time making memories with my family and friends. In addition, I enjoy spending time crafting or cooking.


What is your favorite grad school class and why?

My favorite gradate course thus far at Springfield College is Counseling Diverse Populations instructed by Allison Cumming-McCann. This course has challenged me to my core. It has forced me explore both my personal and professional perspectives and I feel that I am becoming a better student affairs practitioner because of it.


Who inspired you to get involved in Higher Education?

I have been fortunate enough to have numerous mentors throughout my journey, but I would not have these individuals in my life if it had not been for my friend and colleague, Peter Georges. Peter was one of my largest supporters throughout my undergraduate career. He stood by me as a friend and very unknowingly provided the encouragement I needed to become an active member of my community. Every time I am asked this question I think back to sophomore year of college sitting in class next to each other and Pete turned to me and said “Morgan, why aren’t you an RA yet?”. In one weeks’ time a position was posted and my journey to Student Affairs began.


What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your career (so far)?

Everything you encounter is a learning opportunity. No matter what you are doing there is always something to learn. The field of Higher Education is ever changing and we as practitioners must be excited to learn.


What is on your Higher Ed bucket list?

My “Higher Ed bucket list” is every growing and ever changing. One item that maintains constant is the desire to one day return to my undergraduate institution to serve the community that had once served me. In addition, I would like to serve on both local and international service trips with college students. At this point in my journey I am very open minded and I am excited to see what my future holds.


What advice would you offer to undergraduate seniors who are starting to search for grad programs?

My advice to anyone on their journey into higher education is to remain open minded. With an open mind and determination you will find the right graduate program.