Graduate Student Spotlight – Paige Moran

Name: Paige Moran
Institution: Springfield College
Program: Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education Program

Where are you working right now?
I recently accepted a full time job in the Office of Student Engagement at Smith College, as their Organization Advising and Finance Coordinator! In accepting this position, I am now completing my grad degree at a part-time level and will graduate in May 2019!

What do you love about working there?
What I love about Smith College is how incredibly different it is from my previous experiences in higher ed. I learn something new every single day and have the opportunity to work with student who challenge and motivate me to be the best professional that I can.

When you aren’t working, how do you spend your free time?
In my free time I love to spend time with my family or connecting with friends. I also love taking little weekend trips to explore different parts of New England!

What is your favorite grad school class and why?
My favorite grad class that I have taken at Springfield College would have to be Psychology of the College Age Adult, taught by Delight Champagne. I loved learning about Student Development Theory early on in my program and then actually being able to apply those theories to the work that i’m doing now. This class was also made up of students from a number of different graduate programs, so we were able to have really in depth conversations and get a better understanding of different views and perceptions.

Who inspired you to get involved in Higher Education?
My mentor, and now friend, Annie Warchol, Director of Student Activities at Springfield College, recognized my love for higher education during my first year of Undergrad. While she advised many of the student groups I was involved in, I am most grateful for the time she spent outside of those commitments to help me grow and discover my own passions. I am grateful for her kindness and dedication to creating the optimal student experience, year after year.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your career (so far)?
The most valuable lesson I have learned so far is to be kind and authentic. I believe it is so important to be the most true and honest person that I can be when interacting with my peers, students, and fellow staff members so that a relationship can be built on mutual respect and the expectation to simply be good people to one another.

What is on your Higher Ed bucket list?
I would LOVE to run a College/Universities Social Media account! Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are my strong suits, and I really try and stay in the know as new outlets develop. I have a serious love and passion for social and have had the opportunity to run the accounts for a number of offices and plan several social media campaigns!

What advice would you offer to undergraduate seniors who are starting to search for grad programs?
Select the program that is right for you. Understand that some programs are more counseling based and some of more research oriented.  Knowing your strengths and having a good idea of where you want to go in the field, will help in this process! Look at the curriculum of institutions that interest you! See if the class offerings make you excited or nervous; acknowledge these initial feelings and really listen to yourself throughout this process. Grad School is also the perfect opportunity to explore a new part of the country for a few years or stay exactly where you always have been. Ask yourself all of these questions and most importantly, choose a place that you believe could positively influence your life and career goals.

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